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Jamaican Poets Nomadic School & College Festival


Empowering . Educating .  Enlightening

What began as a seed planted in the mind of Internationally acclaimed dub poet, Malachi Smith, to tour Jamaican schools sharing the positive power of poetry and its role as a tool of empowerment, has grown into an annual Jamaican Poets All Island School & College Tour. He started alone, a single poet in 2017, visiting six schools and grew the movement in 2018 to a group of 15 poets visiting 13 schools across the island over 10 days in addition to hosting three free public event. In 2019 the tour visited scores of schools in 10 parishes. 


To demonstrate to students and educators how the art form of dub poetry and poetry can be used as a tool to educate and empower students to be proud of their historical and cultural heritage and how to use this knowledge to unleash positive changes in the society.


  • To provide students and educators with a foundation to appreciate the art form

  • To orient students to the potency of poetry by exposing them to lectures and performances

  • Give students an understanding of how they can earn a decent living by being practitioners of dub poetry

  • Provide students with an understanding of the role the genre played in our survival during and after slavery

  • To inspire students to use poetry to effectuate positive changes in their situations

  • To inspire students to use poetry as a vehicle to dialogue and debate peacefully

  • Providing students with information on career paths that dub poetry can open up

  • Providing students with an opportunity to write and present their work and receive positive feedback

Join the Movement & Make a difference

We have witnessed first hand, year after year, the positive changes in in students impacted by the tour. Some schools have started poetry and writing clubs. Some poets have gone on to pursue their dreams. Many have learned how to express themselves freely and opening as a coping and healing mechanism. 

We need help to continue making an impact in this way. We need:

  • Monetary and in-kind sponsorships

  • Assistance with transportation to rural schools

  • Supporters of every kind

CLICK HERE to join the conversation & support the movement

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